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star trek into darkness (2013)

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So I took a video of Poppy eating a carrot…

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I peed on the hamster

Oh my god the last one

Oh my god I was thinking about this fucking post today and my dad wanted to know what the fuck I was laughing at and I couldn’t think of anything so I said “This cat likes to hump the blanket and stare at you while it does it.” and he just

Cats are assholes

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#bet you she’s looking down on him from heaven and she’s still saying the same thing

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By the pool.

By the pool.

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Helena the protecter.

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But it’s not just her biology that’s gotten her this far, is it? You were bred into this, given every advantage, but Sarah? Sarah is a product of chance, yet, here we are, at loggerheads with her.

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Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house and then you both just take a nap.

And/or flop somewhere comfortable and tumble and not talk much except to show each other some stupid thing you found online

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